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September Recap. Bring on hockey season!

Investment Portfolio Hit a new high

Monthly Financial Update Personal Highlights for September: September was a pretty slow month all around. I’ve been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks – which also caused me to miss a concert I had tickets to (Propagandhi). With the weather dipping close to… Continue Reading “September Recap. Bring on hockey season!”

August Update. The “I’m getting old” edition.

Sore Back. I'm Old!

Monthly Financial Update Personal Highlights for August: I just celebrated my 36th Birthday.  Wow, I’m old..and I’m feeling it.  My back hurts, I got some weird growth on my eyelid, grey hairs are everywhere…So how did I celebrate being so damn old?  Naturally the… Continue Reading “August Update. The “I’m getting old” edition.”

Is this Canada’s Best REIT?

Interrent Reit Growth

Interrent Reit This REIT is the gift that just keeps on giving.  I originally purchased IIP.UN about 15 months ago when it scored very highly on my stock screen.  The original purchase price was around 9.90/share.  I also recently added to my position when… Continue Reading “Is this Canada’s Best REIT?”

June Dividend Update. Canada Day Weekend Edition!

Holland Isaac Winnipeg Beach

Monthly Dividend & Portfolio Update   Personal Highlights for June: It was a busy month! Holland finished up soccer for the season, Isaac is talking like crazy now, and we spend the Canada Day weekend out at the cabin. Picked up a piece of… Continue Reading “June Dividend Update. Canada Day Weekend Edition!”