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New Stock Purchase: Diversified Royalty

Diversified Royalty

Diversified Royalty Corporation Today I added to my position in Diversified Royalty.  I’ve already written about this company multiple times, so I wont bore you with what they do, or why I like this company so much.   You can read my previous posts about… Continue Reading “New Stock Purchase: Diversified Royalty”

Dividends & Other Updates: October 2019

Personal Finance Blog Update dividends early retirement FIRE Jordan Maas

Dividends, Investment Portfolio News & More Personal Highlights for October: First of all, Happy Halloween.  The kids had a great time, scored a ton of candy and were cute as ever. Indoor soccer season has started up.  Played our first two games and have… Continue Reading “Dividends & Other Updates: October 2019”

Transcontinental: Stock Review

Transcontinental Stock Dividend

Transcontinental: Value trap or golden opportunity? Transcontinental is Canada’s largest printer, and more recently (due to some major acquisitions) quickly becoming a leader in the packaging industry as well.  Over the last few years Transcontinental has deployed around 2 Billion dollars to acquire packaging… Continue Reading “Transcontinental: Stock Review”

September Recap. Bring on hockey season!

Investment Portfolio Hit a new high

Monthly Financial Update Personal Highlights for September: September was a pretty slow month all around. I’ve been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks – which also caused me to miss a concert I had tickets to (Propagandhi). With the weather dipping close to… Continue Reading “September Recap. Bring on hockey season!”