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The “Not So Wealthy Barber” & Some Thoughts On Financial Education.

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Yesterday as I was getting my haircut by a nice lady who has cut my hair once or twice before.  She is probably in her late 50’s/early 60’s, and after exchanging the usual pleasantries the conversation took an unexpected turn.  She asked what I… Continue Reading “The “Not So Wealthy Barber” & Some Thoughts On Financial Education.”

Goodbye 2017. Final 2017 Update, Milestones & 2018 Goals…

2017 is over, and although it seems like it went by extremely fast, I am excited by what was accomplished, and what 2018 has in store for us. In 2017 the following 3 things happened which shaped the way the year went for me:… Continue Reading “Goodbye 2017. Final 2017 Update, Milestones & 2018 Goals…”

2017 Goals Update.

One of my first blog posts was about setting goals for 2017.  I also noted that I typically do not set goals, so this would be something a little out of my element.  I am happy to report so far I think I’m doing… Continue Reading “2017 Goals Update.”

Gettin’ back on track.

The last couple of months have been insane – but I can confidently say things are slowly getting back to normal and I hope to start posting again on a semi regular basis.  Our house has been sold, we’ve moved into our new home,… Continue Reading “Gettin’ back on track.”