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5 Things I Hope We Learn From Covid 19

Corona Virus

Covid 19: Pandemic Lessons To Learn Well, it’s Thursday night, I’m sipping on some Wild Turkey 101, I Just polished off some mini eggs, and I got to thinking about the future – post Covid19 (assuming there is a future after this mess). Come… Continue Reading “5 Things I Hope We Learn From Covid 19”

The Old Fashioned: Tinkering with a classic cocktail.

Lot 40 Rye Old Fashioned

The Original Cocktail The “old fashioned” is probably the most classic cocktail there is – and has always been one of my favourites.  There are a few reasons this drink has stood the test of time, and why I like it so much: Easy… Continue Reading “The Old Fashioned: Tinkering with a classic cocktail.”

A problem with passive income investors: Priorities

Passive Income is great – but there is more to investing… Passive Income, and dividend investing are amazing.  Who doesn’t love getting paid for doing nothing?  I am a huge proponent of building up a portfolio of stocks and funds, that pay out distributions… Continue Reading “A problem with passive income investors: Priorities”

Canadian Election: Kildonan-St.Paul Riding: Candidate Reviews and Thoughts

Canada election Kildonan St Paul Riding

Canadian Election 2019 Last night I attended a “town hall” event, to listen to the candidates running for MP in my riding: Kildonan-St.Paul.  I decided to write a brief review of my initial thoughts for those of you who couldn’t make it. Now obviously… Continue Reading “Canadian Election: Kildonan-St.Paul Riding: Candidate Reviews and Thoughts”