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The times they are a “changin'”

Well – looks like the time is (finally) here.  One of my goals for 2017 was to sell my house & buy a new house.  As of Friday my house has officially been sold.  Although I knew we had to buy a new house… Continue Reading “The times they are a “changin’””

Saving money feels great: but lets be honest so does spending it.

The biggest financial struggle I have in my life is trying to find the “right” balance between saving up for retirement & making sure I enjoy life now. I know life is short – and I want to spend as little time as possible “working” however… Continue Reading “Saving money feels great: but lets be honest so does spending it.”

2017 Goals

Goals: I’ve never been much for setting goals.  I know that sounds odd – especially for someone with a finance blog who is currently writing a blog post called “2017 Goals”. It’s not that I am against setting goals, it’s likely more to do… Continue Reading “2017 Goals”