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A Man’s Gotta Eat! Cheap Frozen Lunch Edition.

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I am not your typical “frugal” blogger.  My retirement/saving plan has never been extreme frugality, or sacrificing everything you enjoy for a few years to ensure early retirement.  My philosophy has always been – life is short – enjoy as much as you can… Continue Reading “A Man’s Gotta Eat! Cheap Frozen Lunch Edition.”

Well that was easy…How a 1 hour bank appointment will save me over $20,000

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On Friday I had an appointment at the bank, it last just over an hour – and it will easily result in savings over over $20,000 over the next 10 years (or less). How is this possible?  It’s actually a lot simpler than you… Continue Reading “Well that was easy…How a 1 hour bank appointment will save me over $20,000”

Tracking My Spending For 30 Days

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Hi,  My name is Jordan and I have a drinking  spending problem. I have never been one for tracking expenses but I decided it would be a fun idea for a blog post and the results were downright depressing.  I decided to use the… Continue Reading “Tracking My Spending For 30 Days”