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Happy Negroni Week. My take on the Negroni Fizz!

Negroni Cocktail Gin campari vermouth dolin

If you know me, or have followed this blog for a while, you would know I am a bit of a cocktail enthusiast.  Although I’ve always been a fan of consuming different libations, more recently I’ve been getting very interested in the craft of… Continue Reading “Happy Negroni Week. My take on the Negroni Fizz!”

Diplomatico Exlusiva Rum Old Fashioned

Cocktails Rum Old Fashioned Recipe Jordan Maas Winnipeg Canada Finance Blog Investing Dividends

Lately I’ve been sipping on Diplomatico Exclusiva Rum. It is great on its own – however I was curious to try it in a cocktail.  I checked out the Diplomatico website to see what they recommended -and noticed they had a recipe for a Rum… Continue Reading “Diplomatico Exlusiva Rum Old Fashioned”

*Off Topic* The Pink Lady

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My sister was recently in town, and said she wanted me to make her a drink. “Something sweet” she said. I knew she liked Gin, and I had recently been experimenting with egg whites in my drinks, so I thought the “Pink Lady” would… Continue Reading “*Off Topic* The Pink Lady”

When life gives you lemons…Make a Whiskey Sour (or two).

Whiskey Sour Cocktail Bar Recipe Jordan Maas Money Investing

I finally took the leap and decided to start experimenting with egg whites in some of my cocktails.  I also had a bag of lemons I needed to use – so naturally my first thought was – what kind of cocktails can I make.… Continue Reading “When life gives you lemons…Make a Whiskey Sour (or two).”