Month: April 2020

April: Saying Goodbye, Dividends, Birthdays & A Podcast

Dividend Income & Portfolio News Personal Highlights – April 2020 Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.  We had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Penny this month.  She was a beautiful girl, with a gentle soul.  She lived a… Continue Reading “April: Saying Goodbye, Dividends, Birthdays & A Podcast”

Black Manhattan: A Twist On a Classic


Classic Cocktail Twist: Manhattan The Black Manhattan is one of my new favourite drinks.  If you are a cocktail person, you are most likely familiar with a classic Manhattan.  If you are not a cocktail person a classic Manhattan is Rye, Sweet Vermouth &… Continue Reading “Black Manhattan: A Twist On a Classic”

3 Penny Stocks guaranteed to double in 2020!

Penny Stocks

3 Penny Stocks Set To Double In 2020 Okay, seriously. If you ACTUALLY clicked this headline – this is for you. Stop chasing penny stocks. Stop chasing unsustainable high yields.  If you think you will find your next great stock on a blog, facebook… Continue Reading “3 Penny Stocks guaranteed to double in 2020!”

Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Review

Spoiler Alert – I decided to write this review because I was craving a sip of Blanton’s bourbon, but I didn’t have an open bottle.  As a general rule I only open a new bottle once I finish one of my open bottles.  I… Continue Reading “Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Review”