Month: March 2020

5 Things I Hope We Learn From Covid 19

Corona Virus

Covid 19: Pandemic Lessons To Learn Well, it’s Thursday night, I’m sipping on some Wild Turkey 101, I Just polished off some mini eggs, and I got to thinking about the future – post Covid19 (assuming there is a future after this mess). Come…

Forward Dividend Goal Achieved!

Dividend Goals

2020 Forward Dividend Goal: $12,000 I don’t need to tell you this, but the markets have been pretty insane.  I wasn’t expecting to make so many purchases so early in the year, but sometimes when a stock you’ve been watching for a year (or…

3 Canadian Female Fintwits to Follow This International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day here in Canada.  I figured the best thing I could do to celebrate this is to share 3 of my favourite female blogs/twitter accounts. So let’s get to it!   GEN Y MONEY Gen Y Money and…