January Review: Back to the real world….

Winnipeg to Mexico

Dividend Report

Personal Highlights for January:

  • Well, it’s been a wild 2 months.  I was laid off at the beginning of December, I just spent the last week in Mexico…and now I have 1 week left of being “retired” before I start my new job.
  • While we were in Mexico my wife was offered a new job as well, so she resigned from her current job, and starts her job in 2 weeks! Lots of changes in the household!  It’s super exciting but also means we won’t have any paychecks coming in for about a month…
  • Mexico was fun, we had a huge group of friends go (I think there was 18 of us).  Had a couple wild nights, a couple lay by the pool days, and a couple “let’s pretend that never happened” moments.  All in all…a great time.  It was the first trip away from the kids, and they both handled their week with the grandparents unbelievably well.
  • With all the time off I’ve had since being laid off, I was able to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, made myself a home office in the basement, and got caught up on a ton of TV that I wont have time to watch again once I get back to the grind.
  • A couple of pics from Los Cabos

    Family Time: (Sister, Brother, Brother’s GF & Me)

    Family time in Mexico
    The Wife & I on the boat to “Lover’s Beach” & “Divorce Beach”Winnipeg to Mexico
    God damn these guys are cute, but they STINK
    Sea Lions
  • Financial Highlights for January:
  • Continued bi-weekly deposits into Spousal RRSP, and TFSA however only very small amounts until I am back at work.
  • Finally transferred the last $60,000(ish) of my previous employers RRSP over to my direct investing account. Now I need to decide what I want to purchase.  I definitely plan on adding to my position in XAW, and most likely initiate a position in New Flyer.  Not sure about the rest yet…I’ve started running a custom stock screener, and a few names that stand out (so far) are: Metro, Alimentation Couche Tard and Savaria, as well as two companies I already own (Go Easy & CAE).
  • I was paid dividends from 9 companies, and 2 funds in January.  I dripped a total of 82 new shares/units.
  • Thanks to the XAW distribution, January 2020, was my highest dividend month ever.  This was also the first time I ever had 1 fund (or stock) pay out over $1000 at a time!
  • Portfolio hit another all time high!

Passive Income Update For January 2020.


Diversified Royalty: $17.50(dripped 5 shares)

Canadian Western Bank: $0.28

Artis Reit: $27.81 (dripped 2 shares)

Interrent Reit: $4.29

Algonquin Power: $172.49 (dripped 9 shares)

Plaza Reit: $29.00 (dripped 6 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $11.80 (dripped 1 share)

TFSA’s Total: $263.17


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $340.03 (dripped 10.8 new units)

Transcontinental: $186.12 (dripped 11 new shares)

GoEasy: $31.00

XAW ETF: $1064.52 (dripped 38 new units)

Total Passive Income January 2020:  $1884.84

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio currently sits at: $377,760.73  This is an all time high, and represents an increase of 22.47% Year over Year.  It’s nice to start 2020 off with a bang, and hopefully the momentum will continue and the portfolio and income records will continue to get smashed.

Passive income in January 2020 was $1884.84, which is an all time high, and represents an increase of 59% compared to last January.  As soon as both the wife and I are working again, the goal is to increase our monthly contributions, into our TFSA accounts.  I also plan on putting the recently transferred cash in my RRSP to work right away.  I expect to purchase another 1000-1500 shares of XAW next week, and use the rest to pick up a few stocks once my screener is done and I’ve had time to do a bit more research.




15 Comments on “January Review: Back to the real world….

  1. Good timing on a vacation between jobs…and congrats on a double job offer in the household.

    The divi payout is massive…keep up the great work and all the best for the coming months.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow nice man!

    looks like a great time and sweet that you had a solid crew with you too.

    That dividend income is massive and the new capital will only propel things.

    Those drips though……. haha
    keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, nothing but all time highs! And don’t look now but you’ll soon be boosting those investments once you and the Mrs. settle into those new jobs. It will grow even faster!
    Glad you got to enjoy a vacation before you begin focusing on work again. Thanks for sharing some pictures.


    • Glad you enjoyed the pics! I definitely plan on upping the investments again…but part of me is tempted to pay off the mortgage faster instead…just in case we get into a situation again where one or both of us is laid off.


  4. Nicely done! Haven’t tallied our dividend income for Jan yet but should be around $2200. It’s nice to get dividends from XAW as that gives a nice pop.


  5. Great job, curious about XAW am presuming you hold in your RRSP due to usd content? I recently purchased on Friday, it looks good but what’s up with this semi annual payout you got???



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  6. What a dividend payout from your ETF Jordan. I apologize I haven’t followed up on your happenings and the layoff. But I’ll say this, from past experience too, I hope you enjoyed every second of it. The whiskey, Mexico, you made the most out of it. I’m sure it all wasn’t easy, it never is. You seem to be coming out much better on the other end. Kick ass in 2020.



    • All good Bert! Hope all is well.

      The layoff worked out, I’m just about done my 2nd week at my new job, I still have some severance money kicking around, and I was able to take the wife to Mexico!

      Would have been nice to have the time off during the summer instead of when its -30…but what are ya gonna do 😛

      With the past layoff, my decision now is do I keep investing heavily, or try to pay off mortgage as fast as possible in case a similar situation happens again….still haven’t decided.


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