Month: December 2019

Laid off after 16 years. This should be interesting…

Laid Off

Laid off: Now what? Well, it finally happened.  After 16 years working for the same company, it all came to an end last week.  The funny thing is…instead of being upset, angry or anxious…I kind of feel relieved, like a huge weight was lifted… Continue Reading “Laid off after 16 years. This should be interesting…”

November Recap. Dividends, Frozen 2 and whisk(e)y!


Monthly Financial Update Personal Highlights for November: My little miracle science test tube baby Holland turned FOUR years old!  For those unaware, my wife and I struggled with fertility for years before finally succeeding with the help of IVF.  I wrote a post about… Continue Reading “November Recap. Dividends, Frozen 2 and whisk(e)y!”