Month: October 2019

Transcontinental: Stock Review

Transcontinental Stock Dividend

Transcontinental: Value trap or golden opportunity? Transcontinental is Canada’s largest printer, and more recently (due to some major acquisitions) quickly becoming a leader in the packaging industry as well.  Over the last few years Transcontinental has deployed around 2 Billion dollars to acquire packaging… Continue Reading “Transcontinental: Stock Review”

Portfolio Deep Dive: 1 year later

MoneyMaaster Stock Portfolio Total value

Just over 1 year ago  I did a deep dive into my portfolio.  I looked at things like: personal rate of return asset allocation dividend growth account allocation You can look back at last years deep dive HERE The key takeaways from last year… Continue Reading “Portfolio Deep Dive: 1 year later”

Review #4: Four Roses Small Batch

Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch

Bourbon Review: Four Roses Small Batch   Just a reminder: Each review will follow the same template, and include a score.  Please enjoy responsibly 🙂 It’s been a while since I have posted a new review.  I also noticed my bottle of Four Roses… Continue Reading “Review #4: Four Roses Small Batch”

The Old Fashioned: Tinkering with a classic cocktail.

Lot 40 Rye Old Fashioned

The Original Cocktail The “old fashioned” is probably the most classic cocktail there is – and has always been one of my favourites.  There are a few reasons this drink has stood the test of time, and why I like it so much: Easy… Continue Reading “The Old Fashioned: Tinkering with a classic cocktail.”