Concacaf Nations League: Canada vs Cuba Match Review. Also I cut my cable finally.

Soccer Canada

Well Canada’s unofficial World Cup qualifying got off to a great start tonight!  Canada played their first game in the Nations League tournament against Cuba at BMO field, and ended up leaving with a 6-0 win!

The rematch is Tuesday next week, and although it should be a bit tougher, the expectation is clearly another big win.  Before I give my thoughts on the game, I want to do a quick review of ONESOCCER – a streaming app for Canadian Soccer Mens/Womens games as well as the home of the Canadian Premier League.

Last week I decided to finally join all my “millenial” friends..fuck I hate that word….anyways, I decided to join them and cut my cable.  I was paying about 150/month for TV and I haven’t actually watched anything live on television since the Winnipeg Jets last playoff game…I replaced my television package with the following:

  • Dazn Subscription (access to all English Premier League/Champions League games, NFL & more
  • Crave/HBO subscription
  • Netflix
  • OneSoccer Subscription

I already had Netflix & Crave/HBO, and I’ve had DAZN for a few weeks now, tonight was the first time I used the ONESOCCER app, and for the most part I was impressed. I had one small issue, but it actually seemed to be a chromecast issue, which I resolved by restarting my phone.  All in all, I’ll pay about a quarter of what I used to be paying, and won’t really miss it seems like a no brainer.

Now onto the game…

The entire game was under control from the start, and aside from the one or two typical Canadian lapses at the back, Cuba had no business being in this game.  That said, the one major lapse (a Doneil Henry whiff) that left a Cuban player alone in front resulted in the save of the game by Milan Borjan.  Although I’d obviously prefer these lapses to be non existent, it’s nice to know we have a world class keeper at the back.

The standouts for me in this game were:

Junior Hoilett: Three goals, an assist and multiple class through balls.  This was the best game I’ve seen him play for Canada.  In the last 10 games for Canada he now has 9 goals and 8 assists. Those are some insane numbers!

Mark-Anthony Kaye: Although he wasn’t all over the scoresheet, he was all over the field. Played well defensively, created a ton offensively.  I haven’t got to see him play much, but I was super impressed.

Johnathan David:  God damn. I’ll just leave this here…

I just want to reiterate how ridiculous Johnathan David has been.  I know most people in Canada only hear about Alphonso Davies(and rightly so..he’s a superstar), but I cannot say enough good things about David.  In 9 games for Canada he now has 11 goals.  He is 19 years old.  The all time record for a Canadian is 22 goals.  He is HALF WAY to the ALL TIME RECORD in 9 friggin games.  It’s not a matter of if he will become Canada’s all time leading scorer…it’s a question of if he will do it before he is legally allowed to drink in all 50 states!

I was chatting with some friends after the first half about how I thought Alphonso Davies needed to be better. He seemed to be trying too hard to do it all himself.  Of course, he goes out and has a great second half after being moved to LB, draws a penalty, and makes multiple dazzling runs.  He picked up a little knock at the end of the game, so hopefully he is okay for Tuesday’s game in Cuba.

Anyways, In case you can’t tell- I am excited to be a Canadian soccer fan.  Something I haven’t been able to say most of my life (at least referring to the mens team)!  Off the bench Millar looked great, Piette was his usual solid self in the midfield and Osorio scored one at home.  All in all, a great game.

Next game is Tuesday vs Cuba…and after that things get serious with 2 games against the USA!

2 Comments on “Concacaf Nations League: Canada vs Cuba Match Review. Also I cut my cable finally.

    • Not anyone you would recognize. The point isn’t that we beat Cuba – it’s that these games are now being won with ease – whereas back a few years ago, Canada used to struggle playing against even the smaller nations in Concacaf.

      Now Canada boasts players from:
      Bayern Munich

      This was unheard of a decade ago. I’m not expecting us to win the World Cup or anything – but for the first time in basically forever (minus 1986), qualifying for one is not out of the question..and for us football fans in Canada – that is exciting!


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