Month: September 2019

Canadian Election: Kildonan-St.Paul Riding: Candidate Reviews and Thoughts

Canada election Kildonan St Paul Riding

Canadian Election 2019 Last night I attended a “town hall” event, to listen to the candidates running for MP in my riding: Kildonan-St.Paul.  I decided to write a brief review of my initial thoughts for those of you who couldn’t make it. Now obviously…

Please think before you share. Public Service Announcement.

Refugee Critical Thinking

I was recently scrolling through my Facebook feed, and came across the following image: I’ve seen similar images/posts shared in the past.  Typically the general tone is along the lines of “We should take care of our OWN first” or something similar.  Without getting…

Concacaf Nations League: Canada vs Cuba Match Review. Also I cut my cable finally.

Soccer Canada

Well Canada’s unofficial World Cup qualifying got off to a great start tonight!  Canada played their first game in the Nations League tournament against Cuba at BMO field, and ended up leaving with a 6-0 win! The rematch is Tuesday next week, and although…