Monthly Financial Update

Personal Highlights for August:

  • I just celebrated my 36th Birthday.  Wow, I’m old..and I’m feeling it.  My back hurts, I got some weird growth on my eyelid, grey hairs are everywhere…So how did I celebrate being so damn old?  Naturally the wife and I played Super Mario World and had some drinks…
  • In Lieu of random back pain, an ever expanding beer belly and general “oldness” I decided I should probably do something.  I registered for soccer (starting in October) and have started running a few miles on the treadmill each night.
  • The Premier League has started up again, and I decided to check out the 1 month trial of the subscription service DAZN.  So far I’ve only watched 2 games, but I’m leaning towards keeping it.
  • Amber got me a bunch of syrups & bitters to add to my cocktail collection, from a locally made company ABIDING CITIZEN.  Here is my updated collection:
    Bitters and Syrups
  • Financial Highlights for August:
  • Continued bi weekly payments into spousal RRSP  (30 units of US Equity Index Fund) and TFSA
  • Sold my cocktail Arcade table for $1200 on Facebook Marketplace that was just collecting dust in the basement.
  • Transferred half my work RRSP into my direct investing plan.  With the proceeds I added 1100 shares of XAW, 1000 unites of RBC Canadian Equity Income Fund, 244 shares of CAE and 256 shares of GSY.
  • Paid dividends from 5 companies, and 1 funds.  Dripped a total of 23.5 new shares/unites.

Passive Income Update For August 2019.


Diversified Royalty: $10.01 (dripped 3 shares)

Artis Reit: $27.36 (dripped 2 shares)

Interrent Reit: $4.01

Plaza Reit: $28.30 (dripped 6 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $11.60 (dripped 1 share)

TFSA’s Total: $ 81.28


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $334.34 (dripped 11.5 new units)

Total Passive Income August 2019:  $415.62

Portfolio Update:

Total passive income in August was $415.62.  This represents a 24.17% increase from last August!

My portfolio currently sits at: $329,590.46.  This represents an increase of 2.63% Year over Year.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!