May Update: Dividends, Pimm’s & More!

Monthly Dividend & Portfolio Update


Personal Highlights for May:

  • Holland started playing soccer (if you can call it that).  It’s been a pretty big gong show so far, but she is only 3, and most of the other kids are 5.  Hoping next year is a bit more “soccer” and lot less “running off the field crying”.  Here she is day 1 of soccer with her coach (me) giving her a pep talk:
    Soccer Canada Winnipeg
  • I finally made it out to my brothers farm (he recently purchased 160 acres of land – with the goal to one day retire/live off the land).  I helped out with some gardening and got a wicked sunburn.  You can check out his farm progress HERE
  • Got a patio set and sandbox for the backyard, so we have been spending a LOT of time outside.  We also opened up the cabin, and plan to spend a couple weekends out there soon too.  Summer also means PIMMS!  I had my first (of many) Pimms Cup’s last week.  It’s honestly one of the most refreshing summer cocktails ever.  You can see my recipe HERE
  • Had a nice quiet mothers day.  The wife and I have been big Game Of Thrones fans, so decided to get her with this t-shirt for Mothers Day
    Game of Thrones Mothers Day Shirt

Financial Highlights for May:

  • Continued bi weekly payments into spousal RRSP  (30 units of US Equity Index Fund) and TFSA
  • Got dividend Raises from Power Corp & Algonquin Power
  • Diversified Royalty finally made another acquisition (Mr.Mike’s steakhouse)
  • Paid dividends from 5 companies, and 1 fund.  Dripped a total of 19 new shares.
  • Was a very slow month for dividends, but June should be a nice one (close to $1000) with Power Corp, Western Forest, Intertape Polymer and XAW all paying.

Passive Income Update For May 2019.


Diversified Royalty: $9.84 (dripped 3 shares)

Artis Reit: $27.09 (dripped 2 shares)

Interrent Reit: $2.49

Plaza Reit: $27.88 (dripped 6 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $11.48 (dripped 1 share)

TFSA’s Total: $ 78.78


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $230.51 (dripped 7.615 new units)

Total Passive Income May 2019:  $309.29

Portfolio Update:

Portfolio dropped by about 3% and is back to where it was 2 months.  I expect a lot of volatility until the Trump/China Fiasco is behind us.  In the meantime, i’ll just keep plugging away.

Total passive income in May was $309.29.  This is down slightly(9 dollars) from last May (due to Artis’ dividend cut).

My portfolio currently sits at: $328,552.00.  This represents an increase of 6.39% YoY.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!


5 Comments on “May Update: Dividends, Pimm’s & More!

  1. Dam man you been working out? haha

    Another great month full of drips

    keep it up and congrats to your brother. that seems awesome

    cheers Jordan!


  2. Nice progress! And what a surprise about DIV acquisition! Finally! It’s been like what, 2 years? I wanted to sell my shares because they’ve been dragging for so long. Anyway, I will read about the deal. If the dividend will be fully covered then I’ll keep them.


  3. Heh, awe your daughter is so cute “less running off the field crying”.

    Mm that PIMMs looks really refreshing, I don’t know if I’ve ever had one. Thanks for the recipe.

    POW paid out, nice juicy dividend. I was almost at $1000 in June too, just shy $55… Maybe soon will break the 4 figure barrier.

    Liked by 1 person

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