Month: March 2019

Top Canadian Investing Blogs for 2019

Top Canadian Investing Sites

Top Canadian Investing Blogs for 2019 I’ve seen a lot of these lists – and for the most part they are the same 5-10 “popular” blogs that have been around forever, and been featured in the Globe & Mail or Money Sense.  The majority… Continue Reading “Top Canadian Investing Blogs for 2019”

Stock Talk: ETF’s, Algonquin, Power Corp, Artis & Interrent Reit

Stock & ETF Analysis I decided it would be a fun exercise to go through my portfolio, and look at some of the stocks & funds I currently own.  The goal is to give a quick analysis on how it’s performed so far, take… Continue Reading “Stock Talk: ETF’s, Algonquin, Power Corp, Artis & Interrent Reit”

Hi. My name is Jordan & I have an RRSP Problem.

Pay off Mortgage or Invest

RRSP, TFSA & MORTGAGE QUESTIONS I have a bit of an RRSP problem.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good problem to have- but a problem nonetheless. The problem is twofold. 1- Assuming I keep doing what I’m doing – I’m at the point,… Continue Reading “Hi. My name is Jordan & I have an RRSP Problem.”

February Dividend Update: Record Breaking Month!

Investment Portfolio Hit a new high

Monthly Dividend Update Let’s get right to it.  I’m a little late with this post, our entire house (except for the wife) has been sick for the last week. Personal Highlights for February: Attended a fine and rare bourbon tasting, and also a bourbon… Continue Reading “February Dividend Update: Record Breaking Month!”