Month: January 2019

2 solid dividend stocks trading under $3.00

2 stocks trading under 3 dollars DRIP

2 Dividend stocks to check out One thing I see a lot of people talking about is that they don’t want to buy shares in a company if they don’t have enough to DRIP a full share each time they pay a dividend. A… Continue Reading “2 solid dividend stocks trading under $3.00”

A few bloggers I’d like to have a beer with!

5 personal finance bloggers to have a beer with

Beer with my fellow bloggers! Tomorrow is Friday – which means twitter will probably be full of “Follow Friday” tweets.  I’ll get it started one day early. This edition of Follow Friday will include 5 personal finance bloggers that I’d most like to have… Continue Reading “A few bloggers I’d like to have a beer with!”

Stock Picking Contest(s)

Stock Picking Contest Every year  around this time people start posting their goals, weight loss challenges, recaps of the previous year and my personal favourites: Stock picking contests! This year I entered two different contests – which are run slightly different. Contest 1: Roadmap2Retire’s… Continue Reading “Stock Picking Contest(s)”

An absolute beauty! Maraschino Sour

Bourbon Sour Cocktail

Regular readers of the site, and fellow drinking buddies know I’ve been pretty big into sours lately.  I had bought some lemons over the holidays to serve up whiskey sours for our guests – and I had a few extras lying around. I have… Continue Reading “An absolute beauty! Maraschino Sour”