Month: November 2018

They say money cannot buy happiness…They are wrong.

Dividends Jordan Maas Winnipeg Finance Blog

A Story of Infertility, IVF, Money & Luckily In Our Case – A Baby They say money can’t buy happiness. Not sure who “they” are – but I can tell you with 100% certainty – “they” are wrong. This is not a personal finance… Continue Reading “They say money cannot buy happiness…They are wrong.”

This boring stock could be a great long term investment.

Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group (ITP) is not a sexy stock.  Most people probably haven’t heard of them.  They are one of the largest companies in the “packaging” industry.  Most notably they make adhesive tapes used in shipping.  Their largest customer is a little company called… Continue Reading “This boring stock could be a great long term investment.”

“The Chan Man”

Old Fashioned Cocktail

For “Old Fashioned Week” I decided I wanetd to try and create my own version of the classic drink.  I needed some inspiration…. I’ve always looked up to my older cousin. He is now a Canadian Diplomat and an all around amazing guy (even… Continue Reading ““The Chan Man””

Western Forest – Earnings Update & Thoughts

Western Forest Stock

Western Forest Products Stock Update Yesterday, Western Forest released their 3rd quarter results. So far, the market seems to be reacting to Western Forest negatively,  the stock is down over 3% as of writing this.  Personally, I thought the earnings report was fine, and… Continue Reading “Western Forest – Earnings Update & Thoughts”