Month: September 2018

F my life (again)…

So…I haven’t been to active on here lately…let me explain why: About 7 years ago, I had a real bad freak injury while playing ball hockey.  Without going into too many details, the result was a dislocated shoulder, broken humerus (nothing humorous about it… Continue Reading “F my life (again)…”


Gin cocktail Negroni Campari

Classic Cocktail: Negroni I can’t believe I haven’t posted a Negroni yet.  I’ve definitely made plenty of these since I’ve been posting some drinks…I guess I Just kept assuming I had already posted one.  Oh well. Today I noticed I had a bottle of… Continue Reading “Negroni”

August 2018 Dividend Update

Personal Finance Blog Update dividends early retirement FIRE Jordan Maas

Goodbye August – Hello September! Personal Highlights for August: I turned 35 years old on the 24th.  This was probably the worst birthday of my life- I was home sick, didn’t do anything, and in bed with NyQuil by 9 PM. We accepted an… Continue Reading “August 2018 Dividend Update”