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Canadian Dividend Investing

The financial blogging community is a pretty tight knit group. Although I’m new to the blogging side of things, I’ve been an audience member for over 5 years, reading people’s stories, learning from them, and following their financial journeys.  There are probably 30+ people I have been following for years, who I could tell you their investing styles, what stocks they own, and perhaps even their average dividend income just off the top of my head.  What I couldn’t do however is tell you a little more about the people behind the portfolio’s…which is what inspired me to reach out to a few of my favourites, and try  to get to know them better.

I hope you have been enjoying the previous interviews.  You can view them on my blogroll page HERE

Welcome to Volume 8 of “Better Know A Blogger”!

Today I will be featuring Nelson from Canadian Dividend Investing

Nelson was also the creator, of what I still think was the wittiest, personal finance blog around: Financial Uproar.  Although Financial Uproar is still around, it is no longer being updated, as Nelson is now focusing on his new site Canadian Dividend Investing.  The new site does breakdowns/analysis of different Canadian Dividend stocks but Nelson is able to keep his takes fresh and funny.  I highly recommend both sites.

I’ve broken down my questions into 4 sections:

  • Personal Info
  • Financial Info
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Lightning Round

Without further ado…I’d like to introduce you to Nelson from Canadian Dividend Investing

Dividend Blog INvesting Canada Stocks finance

Name: Nelson Smith

Age: 34

Where do you live:  Drumheller, Alberta

Tell me something awesome about your cityIt happens to be where I was born

What do you do for a living:  Primarily live off cash flow from passive investments, but I work at a grocery store for something to do

Are you married:   Yes

Do you have any Kids? Pets:   Proud member of Team No Kids.  Have a cat

Website: Canadian Dividend Investing

Twitter:  @financialuproar

Why do you blog:  To expose my investing ideas to some of the sharpest minds out there.

In your opinion – what is the best thing you’ve ever published (link):  It’s hard to pick just one, but i thought this was pretty good: 30 Life Lessons Learned In my First 30 Years

Money Investing Stocks Dividends Investing Blog

Why do you invest/What is your ultimate financial goal:  Total Freedom

When did you start investing: I bought my first rental property when I was 18 

How long until you will be financially free (wont NEED to work): There already, but for the most part I like work.  I’ll likely do something productive until I’m basically ready to die. 

 What will you do in retirement:  I used to golf a lot.  I might take that up again.
Do you share your portfolio? If so, what is the current value: I share which stocks I buy, but not the value.
What is your net worth: I want to stay happily married, so I don’t share.

What % of your salary do you invest/save each year:   Approximately 50%

Do you invest in funds or individual stocks & why:  Individual stocks, mostly as an intellectual exercise.  There’s nothing more fun that trying to beat the market. 

If I gave you $10,000 right now to invest in 1 stock – what would you pick & why:  Since it’s free money, that changes my outlook completely.  I would use it to invest in something with big potential upside.  I’d want something that could change my life if I am right, since nothing changes if I am wrong.  Let’s go with Freshii, which has some massive upside potential.  Of course it could just as easily crash and burn.

What was your biggest financial fuck up: Not being aggressive enough investing in real estate when I was younger.  I missed out on a couple properties by a few hundred bucks.  Those properties would have easily doubled in value and had a 12-15% cap rate.

Investing Dividends Blog Finance Winnipeg Canada

Is there a God:  Probably not

When you die, what is 1 thing you hope people think of/remember you for:  The plan is to accumulate money and dish it out as I get older.  So hopefully generosity. 

Do you vote? Who did you last vote for: I don’t vote or I spoil my ballot as a mini-rebellion to every candidate clustering around the center of the political spectrum.  Politics matter way less than people think, I do vote in municipal elections, however, since I personally know the character of many of the people running.

What do you think the next big technological advance will be:  Downloading our brains onto computers, allowing us to become immortal. 

What is the single biggest threat to humanity:  That we nuke ourselves back into the stone age.

What are you most proud of & why: Considering my goal has always been to accumulate a large amount of money, probably that.  Even though it makes me sound like a terrible person.

If you knew you only had 1 year to live – how would you spend it: Spend as much time with my friends and family.

What is one thing most people don’t do – but everybody SHOULD do to make the world a better place:  Stop talking about people behind their backs.  A truly toxic behaviour.

Dividends Investing Finance Blog Canada

Favorite Movie:  Good Will Hunting

Favorite TV Show:  The Simpsons

Favorite book:  Atlas Shrugged

First Job:  Dairy Queen

Have you ever been fired:   Yep

Which website do you spend the most time on:  Twitter

Favorite Cocktail: Don’t drink

Favorite Beer:  Ewwww

Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Have you ever been arrested?  No

Dogs or Cats:  Cats

Sex or Beer:  Sex

Does your spouse/partner read your blog: Yes

How often do you check your portfolio (be honest):  Weekly

How often do you check your website stats (be honest):  Daily

**Bonus question submitted by my wife (I asked her what ONE question I should ask):

What do you put on your hotdog: Absolutely Nothing

Dividends Diversify Blog Finance Canada Investing Jordan Maas Cocktails

If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming “Better know a blogger” piece, or have any specific questions you’d like to ask others in the community let me know!

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