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The financial blogging community is a pretty tight knit group. Although I’m new to the blogging side of things, I’ve been an audience member for over 5 years, reading people’s stories, learning from them, and following their financial journeys.  There are probably 30+ people I have been following for years, who I could tell you their investing styles, what stocks they own, and perhaps even their average dividend income just off the top of my head.  What I couldn’t do however is tell you a little more about the people behind the portfolio’s…which is what inspired me to reach out to a few of my favourites, and try  to get to know them better.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of my favorite bloggers and try to shed some light on their personal lives, investing philosophies and more.

I hope everyone enjoyed the previous interview with Tom @ Dividends Diversify – if you missed it you can read it HERE

Welcome to Volume 2 of “Better Know A Blogger”!

Today I will be featuring our first Canadian to the series, and an overall good guy (even though he is a Maple Leafs fan).  Rob is the same age as me, and between his dividends, private investments and recently added solar panel income, he is generating over $1000/month in passive income!  Check out that smile too – what a cutie (sorry ladies he is married).

I’ve broken down my questions into 4 sections:

  • Personal Info
  • Financial Info
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Lightning Round

Without further ado…I’d like to introduce you to Rob from PassiveCanadianIncome.

Dividend Blog INvesting Canada Stocks finance

Name: Rob

Age: 35

Where do you live:  Ontario

Tell me something awesome about your cityClose knit community, really friendly people. Our lcbo is like the one’s up north in cottage country!

What do you do for a living:  Landscaping. From simple gardens to dream backyards. Been doing this for 20 years now. Love what I do. I work with a great group of people outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting a free workout. Running the skidsteer’s and excavators is just a bonus!

Are you married:   Yup, Married for 6 years but were together for 7 before that. 13 years total. I dunno how she does it, must be the new move =)  

Do you have any Kids? Pets:   Yessir, 2 kids now. Our son is 5 and we just had our daughter a couple months ago. That’s it though, 2 is enough for me. Don’t want to get out numbered.


Twitter:  @PassiveCndIncom

Why do you blog:  I honestly started just because I loved the community. I was reading a bunch of bloggers and commenting a bunch but I didn’t have a site to follow through onto. I also saw how much it seemed to help people excel since they had a following watching them routing them on!  Way back when I was like 16 I had a Geocities page and thought i’d give it another go. Starting the site definitely helped us improve our finances and also Id like to educate people a bit. A couple years ago I thought being a millionaire was a dream, now its real and very doable. Financial education is something the system is really lacking in unfortunately.

In your opinion – what is the best thing you’ve ever published (link):  This one is a hard one, but I would have to pick THIS ONE for the fact I mentioned above. I used to think being rich or a millionaire was a illusion or some big dream. In one year since creating the site we increased our passive income by over $12,000. That feels awesome. Its a pat on the back but it also hopefully shows others it can be done. We are a average couple who just started learning about finances from books and blogger’s. Slowly we copied what they were doing and the results show themselves. The future definitely looks good.

Money Investing Stocks Dividends Investing Blog

Why do you invest/What is your ultimate financial goal:  I used to live paycheque to paycheque and carried a tonne of debt. Having money just feels good. We can take more time off, travel more and generally experience more unique memories. Money is not everything, but its nice to not have to stress about it. 

Growing up my dad was a single parent raising 3 kids. We weren’t dirt poor but you could tell money was a little tight. My childhood was pretty good but we couldn’t afford me playing hockey or brand name clothes etc. Soccer it was! Brand name clothes don’t really matter to me now, but in middle school Loony tunes shirts weren’t so cool….. I want to be financially secure so my kids can basically participate in whatever they would like. Can go to college or university and not worry about student loans. Id love to be in the position to stop working whenever we want. Or maybe just work a couple hours a few mornings a week. Ultimate financial goal is hard. A paid off house with 75k in yearly passive income would be sweet. I would like to travel a lot and also keep donating to charities if I could.   

When did you start investing: I started investing in the stock market early in 2016, but that was just the odd bit.  I started investing in precious metals back in like 2014.  I still have them but they suck for cashflow!


What will you do in retirement:   Hopefully sell our place, move to a cottage and go fishing all the time. Continue to travel the world. Slather on the oil of olay and hope these good looks can continue! 

What % of your salary do you invest/save each year:  No exact percentage. Depends on the plans. Money is also meant to be spent. We kinda freestyle, but make sure we are still investing. That’s all I care about.

Do you invest in funds or individual stocks & why:  I got one fund its of just us stocks. Id like to add a good International fund soon in the rrsp. Other than that just individual stocks. Their yield tends to be higher than funds and also I know what stocks and at what price I’m buying them

If I gave you $10,000 right now to invest in 1 stock – what would you pick & why:  Tricky, id like some diversification. Being a dividend guy Id pick one or 2 so that I can get the drip. As a Canadian Id want a stock in a TFSA so there’s no tax at all. I like the idea of Enbridge or maybe td bank. If I was picking a non Canadian stock maybe I would put it all into Disney. I love what Disney is doing, they are dominating the movie scene. Espn streaming service has a tonne of potential (they just need to play more games) A Disney streaming service will be absolutely solid, oh yeah and they got their parks…….

What was your biggest financial fuck up: Hmmmmm not starting earlier? In my 20’s I made good money but made it rain every Friday. Buying precious metals in 2014 when that money could of been worth more now in dividends and capital appreciation. Life lessons, nothing I could do now. Maybe if I was more frugal in my 20’s I wouldn’t of went out that night I met my future wife.

Investing Dividends Blog Finance Winnipeg Canada

Is there a God:  I’m catholic but don’t practice, my wife does though. Unfortunately I think religion is the cause of most wars these days…….. Something or someone out there seems to be looking out for me though and keeps nudging me in the right direction it seems.

When you die, what is 1 thing you hope people think of/remember you for:  I hope friends/family remember that I would do almost anything for any of them and I was always true to my word

What do you think the next big technological advance will be:  I’m not a huge techie. I love what Elon Musk has been doing, he is a true visionary. Id love to see this hyper loop become a reality all over the place.

Do you vote? Who did you last vote for: Of course I vote, Conservative all the way. Governments should manage their money just like individuals. You can’t keep printing money and putting the country or province in more and more debt. It won’t end well

What is the single biggest threat to humanity:  Pollution. We as a whole are disgusting. Approximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash per year enters the ocean. That’s Fu&ked! We need to step up our game and do better. Maybe this could be the next technological advancement.

What are you most proud of & why: I guess our Son. It sounds weird but our daughter is still a baby. Hes a great kid, always sharing and being nice. Its like a real life role playing game. Pretty dam cool!

If you knew you only had 1 year to live – how would you spend it: Woah deep! Travel with family, so they have some great memories of me. Beers with friends, stop wasting time and probably just say yes to a lot more things and not over think them.

What is one thing most people don’t do – but everybody SHOULD do to make the world a better place:  Say Hi and compliment each other more. Its always weird when I work in the city and say hi to people and they look at you weird for saying hey.

Dividends Investing Finance Blog Canada

Favorite Movie:  Joe Dirt

Favorite TV Show:  Alone

Favorite book:  Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover

Best looking blogger you follow:   Leo – Isaved5K haha!

First Job:  Boston Pizza – Dish Pig

Have you ever been fired:   Yeah.

Which website do you spend the most time on:

Favorite Cocktail:  Rum & Coke.

Favorite Beer:  An open one! Cameron’s – Cosmic Cream Ale.

Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs*

*Editors Note: Poor Bastard

Have you ever been arrested?  Yes…*

*Editors note: 2 Interviews done – and somehow 2/2 on this question…should I be worried?

Dogs or Cats:  Dogs

Sex or Beer:  Yes

Does your spouse/partner read your blog: When I ask her if she reads it then she does..

How often do you check your portfolio (be honest):  Daily

How often do you check your website stats (be honest):  Daily

**Bonus question submitted by my wife (I asked her what ONE question I should ask):

What do you put on your hotdog: mustard, ketchup, spicy blend of peppers. Cheese and onions if its a special occasion =)

Dividends Diversify Blog Finance Canada Investing Jordan Maas Cocktails

Thanks for taking the time to do this Rob!  All the best in 2018.

If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming “Better know a blogger” piece, or have any specific questions you’d like to ask others in the community let me know!

5 Comments on “Better know a Blogger: Featuring: Rob @ PassiveCanadianIncome

  1. Awesome series! Great to get to know Rob a better. Couldn’t agree more on the pollution part. @Rob: Haven you heard about the Ocean Cleanup project by Boyan Slat?

    Liked by 1 person

    • hey Robot

      Yeah I have actually. Its a great start and nice to see things heading in the right direction. I just wonder how much pollution is also on the ocean floor.



  2. Well now. Having already been in the dunk tank, I guess I can take my shots. Just kidding.

    Rob is a great guy, great blogger, great Canadian and most importantly a great interview. But, I have a couple thoughts….

    He forgot to mention he makes a mean pancake breakfast for his son.

    And yeah, Leo is a good looking blogger dude, but man we (myself included) gotta come up with something better than that!


    Liked by 1 person

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