Follow Friday! A few sites I recommend.

I’ve seen a few people posting on twitter #FollowFriday which is a way to share some content of other bloggers who I enjoy.  I figured I’d join in on the fun.  Below are 5 other blogs I regularly read & recommend you check out – along with a quick write up of why:


  1. RoadMap2Retire This was the first Canadian Finance Blog that I ever stumbled across – which not only led me to start this site – but also got my curiosity flowing to see what other sites I could find.  R2R gives a more indepth analysis of his decisions than most bloggers I’ve come across, and does a good job at breaking down bigger economic trends as well.  He’s got a great looking diversified portfolio, and has recently been adding some “Crypto” assets as well.
  2. All About The DividendsMatt is similar in age to me, has roughly the same amount of passive income, and unfortunately (for him) is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  Matt is very active on twitter, and is growing his portfolio at a torrid pace.  Matt also owns a bunch of the same companies I do –  Check him out!
  3. Passive Canadian IncomeRob is another Canadian, who I believe is a similar age as well.  Aside from having a great dividend portfolio he also has some other ways of making passive income (private investments, solar panels & more).  Rob does a good job of keeping things fun, but also giving in depth reviews on stock purchases and financial decisions he makes.
  4. Dividends Diversify
    I am not sure if others will agree – but Tom from Dividends Diversify reminds me of everyone’s favourite uncle in the online finance world.  Tom is a teacher, and you can tell by the way he writes and informs.  Tom has a very detailed breakdown on his website on his investing philosophy as well as what he looks for in each company before he pulls the trigger to make a buy.  Although Tom is slightly older than the guys above he fits right in with all the millennial bloggers popping up each day.
  5. Financial Uproar & Canadian Dividend InvestingBoth of these sites are run by “Nelson”.  Financial Uproar was probably the wittiest, most creative financial website I’ve ever read.  It’s not often I laugh out loud while reading a finance blog but this site was able to do it multiple times.  Unfortunately Nelson recently announced he will no longer be updating that site – and is instead focusing on his new website “Canadian Dividend Investing“.  I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss FU, however the new site looks promising.  It doesn’t seem to have the same “I don’t give a shit attitude” but looks to be a great resource for researching Canadian stocks.  I recommend checking both out!


Anyways, check em out & let me know what you think!



5 Comments on “Follow Friday! A few sites I recommend.

  1. Thanks for the link Jordan. I have to say it is interesting being 20-30 years older that most of our blogging counterparts. I went into teaching cause I like to be around younger people. I didn’t realize that when I went into blogging it would offer so much interaction with a similar demographic. Have a great weekend. Tom


  2. Woot! Thanks Jordan

    I read all these blogs and feels great to be included with them.

    Like you road was one of the first i was really following.



  3. Thanks for this Jordan I appreciate it. Hopefully the Jets can beat Nashville. I’m a big fan of the other blogs you mention.


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