Month: March 2018

2 Incomes is better than 1….or is it?

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Just got confirmation this week that my wife has accepted a job and will be returning to work in about a month.  Her maternity leave will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks and although the extra income will obviously help… Continue Reading “2 Incomes is better than 1….or is it?”

Diplomatico Exlusiva Rum Old Fashioned

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Lately I’ve been sipping on Diplomatico Exclusiva Rum. It is great on its own – however I was curious to try it in a cocktail.  I checked out the Diplomatico website to see what they recommended -and noticed they had a recipe for a Rum… Continue Reading “Diplomatico Exlusiva Rum Old Fashioned”

Deep dive into my portfolio: Fun with numbers & graphs.

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Over the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to focus a little more on Asset allocation, geographical diversification and taking as much control of my portfolio as I can by selling some funds and starting to funnel everything into my direct investing portfolio.… Continue Reading “Deep dive into my portfolio: Fun with numbers & graphs.”

*Off Topic* The Pink Lady

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My sister was recently in town, and said she wanted me to make her a drink. “Something sweet” she said. I knew she liked Gin, and I had recently been experimenting with egg whites in my drinks, so I thought the “Pink Lady” would… Continue Reading “*Off Topic* The Pink Lady”