Does this count as a side hustle? Also I made a *New Purchase*

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I see a lot of personal finance bloggers talk about side hustles. This is just a “cool” way to say make some extra cash on the side.  People do all sorts of things (monetize their blogs, complete surveys, drive Uber, rent out their home on AirBnB, etc.  I don’t really have the desire or time right now to worry about anything like that – however one thing I can get behind is getting rid of the clutter in my house and selling some of the things I’ve accumulated over the years that I really have no need for.

I’ve always been somewhat of a collector, everything from comics, to hockey cards, to coins, and memorabilia.  I realized I have a lot of sports memorabilia, and now that we moved I am not sure if I will ever hang any of it up.  At our old place I had the basement walls full of things – however we recently moved and the rec room in the new house doesn’t really suit a “man cave”.  One day I may redo the basement into a bit of a man cave – but probably not…so in the meantime I have a few cool items that are just collecting dust.  I decided to list one of my more unique pieces for sale since it was literally sitting a closet collecting dust.  It was a game worn NHL All star Jersey which I had won in a sports auction by our local team.  The team said the prize was valued at $2700 although I knew i wouldn’t get that.  I listed it on Kijiji and a Facebook group and within 3 days had about 10 offers.  I finally ended up settling on an offer for $1250 to a local collector.

Here is a picture of me wearing the Jersey the day I won it:

Winnipeg Jets Side Hustle personal finance winnipeg dividends investing blog

I felt a little bad about losing the jersey – but thought to myself in the 3 years that I’ve had it – I’ve probably looked at it 5 times.  In the end – I am really happy with the decision and the next day I transferred the proceeds into my TFSA and made a new purchase!

I was debating between the following stocks: (all which have been on my watchlist for some time)

Andrew Peller, Cascades, Interrent Reit, Northview Apartment Reit, Caledonia Mining.

I looked at each of them again today – but ended up deciding against all of them (mainly due to the fact I wouldn’t have enough to drip a full share of any of them).  I decided to start looking at some of my current holdings to see if any were at a price I felt comfortable adding to (and would put me in a position to drip more shares).  I eventually narrowed it down to Western Forest, Algonquin Power & Power Corp of Canada.

In the end I settled on ol’ faithful Algonquin Power.  I was able to add 98 shares – which means I should now drip 10 full shares each quarter.  This purchase will add $57.10 to my annual dividend income (based on the current exchange rate).

I am not sure if or when I will list anything else for sale – but it definitely feels good to get something out of the house that we weren’t using and be able to to put the proceeds to work for us.

PS — Happy valentine’s day.  Go get laid!

9 Comments on “Does this count as a side hustle? Also I made a *New Purchase*

  1. It’s a great idea to get some of the clutter out of the house! You got a good deal for that Jersey. I don’t have any collectible items, otherwise I would turn it into cash to buy shares. Algonquin is a great stock to own. Used to own it in the past, but sold it to the way up. I will check it out again.


  2. I’ve owned AQN for a while now, and I love seeing the new shares added each time it DRIPS.
    If I can find a few more things around the house I have no use for – and could fetch a decent price for – i’ll probably put them for sale and guage the interest….Now I just need to convince the wife to get rid of a bunch of her crap..haha


  3. I would definitely consider it as side hustle. The added yearly dividend is awesome mate. I sold a book from graduate school days for $40. Put it in my savings account 🙂

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  4. Jordan, I know that guy. Big buff played for local team here in Chicago when we won our first cup a few years back. I think it was 2010; man time passes quick. Couldn’t agree more with what you did. The money’s worth more than something sitting in the closet. Too bad now that the Hawks have fallen from Hockey elite. Tom


  5. I love Big Buff (as we call him) but I agree -didn’t make any sense to hold onto it as it was just collecting dust.
    Hopefully he can win another cup this year…it’s been a long time, but finally feels amazing to have a real good team here in Winnipeg 🙂


  6. Nice man

    Thats a huge sale. Congrats. I got some jerseys in the closet as well and definitely couldnt get much for them (except get hassled when i wear them) haha phaneuf leaf jersey. Great addition to algonquin!

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